How I edit my Instagram photos

I mainly use my iPhone 6S to take a lot of my pictures and I sometimes use the Sony a5000 camera (which I’m still getting used to). I don’t think you need to splash out on expensive equipment to take good pictures, I personally think the camera on especially the newer iPhone’s do the trick.



Which brings me to the first app, Lightroom for IOS. I have a few Photoshop apps on my phone like Photoshop Express and Photoshop Fix, which I now rarely use after discovering there was an app for Lightroom. Instead of using the camera on the iPhone, I use the camera through Lightroom.

When in camera mode you can choose to shoot Automatic, Professional or High Dynamic Range. I always have it in the professional mode. You can also have the file format in either JPG or DNG, I always have the format set as DNG as it provides more control and quality of the image itself, which I prefer.

Now onto editing the image, i prefer to use Lightroom to enhance the original image. I use all the basics like adjusting the highlight, brightness, contrast etc. Once i have done that i then like to adjust opacity of each colour in the picture. As well as this, I like to use the tone curve to adjust and enhance the image also.

Finally, if there is something in the image i want to either draw attention to or if i want to edit a particular part of the image, I use the selective tool which allows me to enhance that specific bit.

VSCO Cam & Afterlight


The next apps are VSCO Cam and Afterlight, I don’t use these a lot but sometimes I like to go through the presets that are on there to see what they look like on the image. If I find a preset that suits the image, I like to adjust the opacity so the filter doesn’t affect the overall quality of the image.




Finally, UNUM isn’t an editing app but I use this to plan the layout within my Instagram and choose what images are going to be posted next. I don’t particularly have a ‘theme’ but this is such an excellent app if you like sticking to a specific theme, as you can organise your images and see what they would look like together before posting them to your feed.

The app shows what images you already have on your Instagram profile and allows you to add more images into the queue, you can swap and change these as many times as you like. There is also an option if you like on an image to tile it, which i think can also look good on an Instagram profile.

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